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Keep your frequently used items at the front, where you can easily get at them.
Protect your furniture, items and equipment by covering them up.
When stacking your items place the heavier ones at the bottom.
Make the best use of your space by stacking your items to the ceiling.
Leave a small space between the storage walls and items to allow ventilation.
Label your boxes with their contents for easy identification.
Seal all your boxes with packing tape for protection and added strength.
Keep your items extra safe by always using a high quality lock.
Use appropriate boxes and packing materials when storing valuable items.
Do not store flammable or hazardous materials in your storage unit.
Cover and treat wood surfaces before storing to prevent scratching.
Do not store items close to the door, it may cause jamming from the inside.
Storage Tips

Leave a small space between the storage walls and your items to allow ventilation.
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